Ethan M

“The first time I spoke with Dr. Richard London, I could tell there was something surreal about him. The certainty in his energy and voice, the conviction in his tools and strategies was moving. Extra ordinary is an understatement. He wasn’t just speaking to my head or heart but to my soul and I could feel it. I decided there and then, that he was the one to take me to the next level in my life. It’s been an exciting and mind expanding journey. In less than two years, I have tripled my productivity and income. I am calmer, happier and wiser. Most importantly, I have the tools and skills sets to deal with all sorts of situations that previously left me mentally and emotionally exhausted. He serves beyond self, unconditionally loving, challenges with ‘tough love’, every call is refreshing and enlightening. Most importantly, I am able to keep progressing while getting things done with grace. He is my secret weapon to wellness. Thank you, Doc, !!!!”