Divine Media Entertainment Television was founded by Dr. Richard London, a visionary leader in transformation of ideas, people, and thoughts buy research paper online buy essay club into a Reality that benefits mankind. The purpose is to draw attention to the world’s top media professionals the benefits of mainstream divine transformational media programming, my unique radio programming , creative team, 21st.Century Connective TV programs that transcend the viewer’s experience and to move major funding to media projects that empower and transform humans worldwide and secondary, create a vehicle where humans who have creative empowerment ideas, movies, television, special events, etc. can have their projects become a REALITY. Divine Media Entertainment Companies mission is to provide 21st century connective and transformational media thru Film, Radio, Television, Internet, media events and more ….. We provides the world with the finest empowerment programming, education, wisdom, creating buy research paper online buy essay club great role models in the world, and revolutionizing how humans connect, interact , respond, and move in an ever changing modern world.

Warmly, Dr. Richard London, Transformational Media Futurist